The grandparent gift

We get lots of requests from grandparents who want to mark the special occasions in their children and grandchildren’s lives.

The special bond between grandparent and grandchild is clear from how excited they get when they arrive for their photo session and come to collect their prints afterwards!

A grandparents love lasts beyond the digital world of social media and the internet, because to them, there’s nothing more precious than a framed photo of their grandchildren that takes pride of place in their living room.

These gifts of beautiful photos are invaluable to grandparents, who like to see how the children develop and change over the years, so a collection of photos is ideal for those photo album moments!

The most special gift is given to grandparents who come along to these sessions. Not only do they get a day with their beloved children and grandchildren, but they also give a gift of their own with a beautiful family portrait that everyone can treasure.

We are experts in family portrait sessions, making sure we capture each person’s individuality and the bonds between them. We don’t just provide a one-off session, but repeat sessions over the years.

We like to get to know families and be a part of their story. After the first paid session, we even offer a gift card which includes a complimentary session and £50 towards pictures and frames.

Call Charlotte on 0208 207 1574 or email to discuss what kind of photos we can create for you.