A year in pictures

We’ve had an amazing 2019 at Steve Hampshire Photography. Our studio has been full of happy faces all year!

We’re so honoured to be able to share our best bits with you!

As we’re sure our clients will agree, having your photo taken can feel daunting, but it can also be an unforgettable experience.

Looking back on some of our favourite moments, we’ve created memories for extended families, mothers and daughters, business owners, dancers and actors.

Our clients sometimes arrive feeling nervous and unsure, but this all melts away once they meet our friendly team, settle into hair and makeup and get into the swing of the session.

Many photographers focus on the end result, which is of course very important, but we like to focus on the experience from start to finish. We want each and every client to have fun with us, creating a happy energy that translates into wonderful photos!

We hope you enjoy this short video that showcases all the happy clients we’ve photographed this year.

If you’re interested in having your photo taken in 2020, please fill in our booking form for availability and Charlotte will get back to you.