Why I was inspired by 10 BRCA ladies to take this shot

Having earn’t my living photographing women for many years I jumped at the chance to take this shot of these 10 inspiring ladies as it was my chance to give back.

All these women carry the faulty BRCA gene mutation which means that they all have an 80% chance of developing breast and ovarian cancer. Some of these ladies have had mastectomies and hysterectomies – some due to cancer and some for preventative reasons.

We wanted to show that no matter what they have gone through they are all still beautiful and wanted to also raise awareness.

Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Michelle Heaton have also had the preventative surgery due to the faulty gene.

About the photoshoot

I specialise in capturing character and personality in a non rushed, sensitive manner and find that anxieties soon melt away.Being a photographer I understand that it can be traumatic having a photo session, but I always guide people through their sessions.
I felt really inspired by all these brave women to take this shot.

I wanted the women to look as glamorous and as fabulous as possible to show that whatever they have been through they still look and feel beautiful.

I created this composite working out where they would sit at different heights to create the perfect pose. We decided to style the ladies in blue high wasted jeans and high heels along with holding a satin material to create a classy and serene look.

I feel really happy with the finished product and I hope that this image will be used to create awareness of gynaecological cancers. We also teamed up with The Eve Appeal charity where all our models had red lips to help promote their ‘Get Lippy’ campaign this May.

If you are interested in a shoot please get in touch with Charlotte on 020 8207 1574 or you can in touch via email
– info@stevehampshirephotography.com

Ladies, its so important to have regular check ups and to look after yourselves- for more info go to The Eve Appeals website

10 Beautiful BRCA Ladies