Top Tips for your photo session

Getting ready for your photo session should be a really exciting time, but it can also be very daunting. Whether you’re a selfie king or queen, or you’re completely camera shy, we’ve got the top tips for you!

Our years of experience in photography mean we know how to make all our clients feel comfortable, confident and ready to sparkle in front of the camera.

The most important thing to consider before your session, is what the aim of your photo session is. Are you coming for a grandparent shoot, a glam and wag shoot or a headshot?

Once you’re sure what your photos will be used for, then you can make the best choice for your outfits, makeup, hair and poses. We have five top tips to give you a head start and ensure you’re fully prepared for your session.

1. Schedule your beauty appointments for a week before

For ladies, this may include having your haircut or coloured and having your nails or eyebrows done. For men, a haircut is a great idea and maybe a bit of extra moisturiser!

2. Bring jeans and a white t-shirt

This outfit looks effortlessly chic and elegant, especially against our darker backgrounds. It makes a great choice for your casual look as most people have this outfit hanging in their wardrobe.

3. Keep calm and relaxed

It may sound silly, but being photographed can feel scary, especially if you’re not used to it. Our studio director, Charlotte, is on hand in the run up to your shoot to answer any questions you may have and put you at ease.

4. Get everyone organised

For large family shoots or corporate team shoots, it’s important that everyone arrives on time, ready to have their photos taken. We want to spend as long as possible with you, to get the best shots possible!

5. Plan an evening out

If you’ve had your hair and makeup done, it’s a great opportunity to go out afterwards. Why not book a dinner out and enjoy looking fabulous with your friends?