Perfect Profiles and Happy Headshots by Steve Hampshire

What makes a Perfect Profile or Happy Head Shot?

We take a wide range of shots for individuals and companies alike for websites and social media.

Are you an individual, then maybe show what you do in your profile, have you thought of using a prop? It gets the message across in seconds to your audience.

Corporate Head Shots can be photographed in a array of styles. Do you like the classic black and white look. Do you offer a Professional service like Law and want to show the caring side of your business?

Things to think about!

  • All for one and one for all – get the whole team photographed while your at it!
  • Use a Prop to illustrate what you do
  • Use a Professional Photographer
  • Check out their previous shots to give you an idea of what to go for and have a friendly chat!
  • Ask for hi and low res for your website and social media


Profile by Steve Hampshire, london photographer
Profile by Steve Hampshire, london photographer

I would be happy to help you so call for a chat on 020 8207 1574 and check out our Profile link here