My Fabulously Fun Photo Session

Laura’s Experience

Like any modern woman, I’m a big fan of taking selfies. They give me the opportunity to show myself at the best angle, with the most flattering lighting and the occasional Instagram filter. Now I’m not talking about being vain or self-obsessed, but being creative and sharing photos with friends.

As much as I enjoy photographing myself, the thought of being the other side of the camera has always made me feel excited and terrified in equal measure. So when I decided to have a portrait taken, I went to Charlotte from Steve Hampshire Photography.

From the minute I arrived for my contemporary portrait session, I instantly felt at ease. Any anxiety I’d felt beforehand was gone as Steve and Charlotte showed me to their studio.

With a bag full of my favourite outfits, Charlotte kindly helped me get ready and the three of us decided together which order I should wear my outfits in.

It was time for me to step into the spotlight. We chatted throughout the session, Steve directing me into a variety of natural poses against different backdrops, with the addition of a wind machine! There wasn’t one second where I felt awkward, Steve continued to reassure me and kept the session flowing.

When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s so important to work with a photographer who does! I came away with a great set of photos, some suitable for my LinkedIn profile and others for social media.

The edits and Photoshop work is so subtle you can hardly tell it’s been done – a complete contrast to my previous experience. I’m so impressed and happy with the photos.

After my fabulously fun session, the last thing I want to do is take a selfie. Getting professional photos done makes you feel like a million dollars and you’ll have great photos to show for it too.

If you’d like some photos of your own, call Charlotte on 0208 207 1574 or email on