Look Like the Bees Knees – Get a Professional Headshot

As the digital world expands, it’s more important than ever to have a positive presence online. Professional headshots are the best way to achieve this, whether it’s for your LinkedIn profile, website or social media pages, they greatly improve customer engagement and instantly show a friendly face. Headshots are all about showing you in the best possible light and highlighting your best features.

There’s more to headshots than just a corporate-style shot in a suit, there are so many colours and effects to choose from. You may prefer a sleek black and white shot in portrait style, or if you are advertising your business, you may wish to have your products or work space featured. Professional headshots are for both new and established businesses – as a new business you’ll be keen to get your face and company recognised and as an established business, you may need to update your photo at the same time as your branding.

Black and white headshots are popular within the creative industries, particularly interior designers, web designers, architects and graphic designers. These people really appreciate the power of a well-composed profile shot, because it promotes their business effectively and attracts the kind of clients they’re looking for.

Although high-quality headshots are helpful for businesses, they are also great for individuals, especially those who are on LinkedIn and searching for a job. The first thing recruiters will see is your profile photo and first impressions definitely count – you want to give them the feeling that you’re professional and approachable. One of the worst things you can do for your online reputation is to have a photo of you at a party as your profile photo! At Steve Hampshire Photography, we have over 20 years experience in professional photography and we specialise in people photography – portraits, headshots and events.

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