How about a headshot?

For all businesses, especially small businesses, having a strong team profile on your website is an invaluable tool for promotion and building a reputation.

Keeping your company headshots up to date is a great place to start, alongside a solid marketing strategy to ensure they are seen by potential customers.

Everyone is different, so a traditional corporate-style headshot won’t work for everyone. Our years of experience in photography means that we get to know the people behind the photos, so we can make suggestions about the style of headshot that’ll work best for your brand.

We’re happy to photograph anything from one person to a team of 30, to capture each personality individually and as part of a team. Portraying a friendly face of your company is something that will encourage business enquiries, as people often visit the ‘about us’ section of your website first.

Similarly, our headshots are so versatile and professional that they can be used across social media and all your promotional literature. As much as it’s about the end result, at Steve hampshire Photography we take pride in the experience as well.

For individuals and small teams, our state-of-the-art studio is the perfect setting for your session, with plenty of different backdrops and styles of lighting available. For larger teams, we can come to your location equipped with everything we need for a fun photo session.

A headshot session with us isn’t just something you have to do, but also a great team building exercise.

To book your session, give us a call on 0208 207 1574 or email us