Sizzling Summer Parties – Are You Ready For Your Close Up!

Top Tips for Photographing Summer Parties Are you planned and ready to go? Get those group shots an hour before the guests arrive, so you don’t miss anyone important and before the drink starts to flow! Have you checked out the best place to take those photos – plan ahead! It’s all in the detail – detail shots can make great backgrounds for albums. Have a pre party meeting with your Photographer so you are both on the same page with the shots you are after or for ideas of what you might like! If you would like more information […]

Video Ventures – how to prepare!

Top Tips on preparing to make a Video! At Steve Hampshire Video and Photography we get asked to make lots of Corporate Videos for our clients. This can be used by the client to show off their work on their website home page, social media and to showcase their work to future clients. Top 3 Tips Get a client testimonial for the video – ask your best client to sing your praises. Show the working environment – highlighting the atmosphere and ethos of the company. It’s all in the preparation, prepare, prepare, prepare!! Make sure the script has been rehearsed. […]

Photography of Furniture – It’s all in the detail

On my travels photographing interiors in London and Europe for designers, kitchen manufacturers, architects, AV companies and anyone who wants to show their work off in the best light through photography….. I had the great pleasure of photographing interiors for Wharfside in Shoreditch, London Their range of furniture was simply gorgeous and perfect to show off with photography. I used special filters to highlight the woodgrain of this kitchen. Top Tips Highlight the product using special photographic filters Get various angles to show off the wood grain and details Take long shots so the shots can be used in brochures […]

What it means to me to have a Gold Club BNI Award!

I’m Charlotte, the Studio Director at Steve Hampshire Photography, who create stunning photography and videography for business or personal use like Events and Parties! I was completely taken by surprise when I was awarded last Friday, the Gold Club BNI Award, for my contribution to my BNI Group called Connexions in Radlett. There are only 200 members in UK and Ireland, so it makes me feel proud to receive this. I enjoy BNI because I do like to help others in general, as is my nature.  I also like the personal development and business sense that it taught through the […]

Interesting Interiors – the long and short of it! Steve Hampshire Photography

When I’m photographing interiors there are 3 things to consider! The Long Shot  Capture the wide shot with the right lens, use a sturdy tripod to get pin sharp result! Showing off rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, luxury living. The Close Up Loved by Interior Designers who want to show the colour, texture, fittings in close up details, how they add value, warmth, textures to a home. The Detail Will want to show off the size of the rooms, the small details like the taps, door fittings, light fittings As a photographer I get to show off all of these […]

Cool Views and 5 Top Tips – Bar Mitzvahs

5 Tips for Photographing Bar Mitzvahs with Cool Views! Always arrive early, allow for unexpected traffic delays! Bring back up equipment (this is so over looked), if anything happens to your equipment you should always have a full back up kit! Ask for an itinerary from the client, that way you will know what to expect and be prepared! Get the family groups before the guests arrive, as you won’t get a chance once the party has started. Get the Wow shots to impress and also the regular family groups (not so exciting, but much loved by the family) – […]

Batties, Barmies and Photographers – Top Tips for YOU!

How do I choose a photographer? It’s all about rapport and of course great work.  Arrange to meet your photographer for a chat to see the quality and style of their work and if you like it. Are you being heard? Are they listening to what you want and do you feel that it could be delivered by that person? Listen to your gut instinct, it’s not normally wrong. If you have good feedback and like them, then book in advance, don’t delay because Photographer’s can be booked well in advance. We have bookings up to 2 years ahead… What […]

My Travels as a Photographer – by Steve Hampshire

  Over the last few weeks I have been on location photographing interiors at various houses across London and Europe. Top Tips for a Location Photographer Make sure you have all your kit and back up kit.  Make a list and check it off.  You can’t check enough, because you need to move swiftly when on location. Travel light – even though I had to take my main kit, I also took very light flashes, saving space and time, great for open top cars! Take a spare pair of slippers!  In top quality homes you need to be respectful to […]

Benefits of a Google Virtual Tour – Predicting a Trend!

As a Google Photographer I have seen a trend for an increase in this service. Why you ask yourself? Because you can go up in Google rankings and who doesn’t want that! Top benefit from the tour has to be the point of interest photos included – receive up to 15 images. eg exterior, certificates, van, logo and more and these can be used for your own marketing too! How to get the most out of a tour? Contact a Google Photographer Make sure your premises are clean and tidy and as you would like the public to see it. […]

Why use a Professional Photographer to Show off your Products?

This question came up the other day with a website designer and he was amazed at some business owners who felt it was okay to take an okay photo of their products! If you were a designer, architect, kitchen and bathroom owner, interior designer and more would you take your own pictures?   It could be like having a Ferrari and putting ‘go faster’ stripes down the side. If you sold kitchens for say £15K minimum, then why put poor photos on your website.  What are your thoughts on this.  Does it matter to you or not? When I shoot […]